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  • Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor
Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor
  • Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor
  • Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor
  • Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor
  • Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor
  • Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor

Boat Honda BF 6 AH SHU motor

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Very easy start. Economic. Silent. Low level of vibration. The motor with tiller management and a backing. Convenient in transportation. Is ideal for small boats

If to compare former and new BF5, then the last BF5 and BF6 seem to less bulky: they really very convenient at transfer, thanks to new folding rumpelyu and the comfortable handle.

 The engine  of verkhneklapanny type, 1-cylinder with a working capacity of 127 cubic cm. Diameter and a piston stroke make 60 x 45 mm.

Main transfer: 2,08:1. In a basic equipment  the screw is installed by the sizes 3-bladed: 7 7/8 - inch with a step in 7 ½ inch.

Three operating modes of a reducer are provided: F, N and R. This set can be considered standard, the handle of the switch of transfers is installed on the engine case. The switch very convenient, with accurate fixing.

Start of the boat motor – only manual, but process very easy, "Easy start", thanks to Automatic Decompression technology. At transfer of the switch to situation Start higher initial turns are automatically exposed, and also the final valve opens to remove start resistance. It really works at practice, it was not succeeded to notice a big difference between start of the cold and hot engine – process takes place without remarks.

The model is equipped with the 1,5-liter built-in fuel tank, this reserve of fuel will ensure functioning of the engine up to 50 - 60 minutes.

 In BF5 and BF6 motors there is an exit of connection of the external fuel tank. In new models the novelty whom not to meet at other brands of motors is introduced is a button of instant switching off of the engine. It is enough to press once, without holding it that the engine stopped. As a rule, similar buttons of a stop on similar motors mean that she should be kept to a full stop, otherwise the engine will again be started if to release the button.

All models are equipped with system of the warning of the low pressure of oil. On the forward party of the engine well noticeable indicator which during the work constantly burns green is located if pressure sufficient and passes on red if it falls. If pressure fell, but the owner did not switch off the engine, it automatically passes into emergency operation – turns will not rise bigger 2 300 rpm. Electronics decides that there was a breakage, and to the driver is forced to reach to the place of repair.

Change of a design of fastenings in comparison with the predecessor is allocated especially. It is no secret that completely it is impossible to win against vibration on the 1-cylinder engine, but Honda motors, minimized unpleasant effect by means of installation of new rubber dampers and the general change of a design of fastening of the engine to tranets. Besides, changes concerned a design rumpelya which have to help to reduce vibration on the handle.

New engines are intended for light inflatable or aluminum boats, and according to the destination they work regularly. Level of noise seemed rather low, acceleration forward and uniform, the obvious specific moments during the work in all modes were not shown. More exact impression can be gained by direct comparison with schoolmates, but it is a question of the near future. So far new boat Honda motors look very interesting offer at the expense of the checked and reliable design in combination with a number of modern decisions.






ONS – 1 cylinder

Engine capacity (cm3)


Diameter is X a piston stroke (mm)

60 x 45

Number of valves


Range of turns at completely open gate


Rated power, h.p. (kW)

 6 – (4,4)/6000

Cooling system

water cooling (thermostat)

Power supply system

1 carburetor

System of ignition

electronic Digital CDI

System of release

in water



Transfer relation


Provisions of gear shifting




Power of the generator of alternating current

6A, 12B

Screw size (inches)

7 7/8 x 6 2/3

Rowing screw: number of blades


Existence of the indicator of pressure of oil


Existence of the indicator of an overheat

Existence of the limiter of turns


Existence of the emergency switch




System of start

manual starter

Shaft length


Carrying out of the screw from water


Change of an inclination of the engine

manual 5 step




Full length (mm)


Full width (mm)


Full height (mm)

1200 (S)

Height of tranets (mm)

434 (S)

Dry weight, kg:


- short shaft


Brand: Honda
Number cylinder engine: 1 pcs.
Number of cycles: Four-stroke
Wattage: 6 hp
Type of engine: Petrol
Control method: Tiller
Lifting mechanism: Manual
Type of starter: Recoil Start
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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